Why You Should Trust Your Taxes to the Professionals

Andrews & Company provides a variety of services for tax preparation in Coral Springs, Florida.

Has tax time been stressful for you in the past? It has for most people. The good news is: it doesn’t have to be!

Most of the stress people feel from filing taxes comes from worrying about making mistakes, leaving out important information, or even meeting deadlines. For others, tax forms may just be simply intimidating. Other business or personal factors can increase the complexity of filing taxes, making filing them more difficult than it used to be, even if you have been filling them out on your own for a long time. Maybe you’ve even received a letter from the IRS in the past telling you that you’ve made a mistake. But by taking your taxes to the professionals, you can eliminate these stressors and be assured that your taxes will be completed on time and accurately.


Why trust tax preparation professionals?

 Due to years of specialized training and experience, our Coral Springs accountants are aware of the most common pitfalls tax filers face each year. And although tax preparation websites can be very useful for general filers, if you fall into any of the categories below, it is more likely that important deductions or other key information may be missed or entered incorrectly, even when using a website.

  • Major Life Changes – Events like marriage, divorce, having children, or bankruptcy can affect the way you fill out tax forms, and it becomes easier to make mistakes that can delay or prevent you from receiving your returns.
  •  Filing for a Business – If you are filing taxes for a business, there is much more that must be taken into consideration and the risk of making mistakes increases. 
  • Self-Employment – If you are self-employed, there may be additional deductions you can take. Missing these deductions can be costlier than paying to hire a professional.
  • Investment Assets – If you have a large amount of investment assets, you will want to be sure these are recognized in your tax forms. However, sometimes it’s hard to know what qualifies or where to include them, and this is where having professional assistance could make a big difference.
  • Math and Computation Errors – Math is not everyone’s strong suit! And that’s okay. If you’re not confident in ensuring your numbers are correct, a Coral Springs accountant can help you.

Next tax season doesn’t have to be a stressful one—Andrews & Company provides stress-free tax preparation in Coral Springs, Florida, but if you live elsewhere in the United States, you can still enjoy the stress-free tax experience by contacting a trusted accounting firm in your area.

May 10th, 2016

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